37 in 1 Arduino Sensor Kit in Pakistan


A complete Arduino Sensor kit that can be used with Arduino but is not official Arduino gear. They do however offer an enormous variety of additional new fun with your Arduinos! These 37 sensors are packaged in a nice plastic case with separate compartments.

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Arduino Sensor kit contains:

    1. KY-001 Temperature sensor module
    2. KY-002 Vibration switch module
    3. KY-003 Hall magnetic sensor module
    4. KY-004 Key switch module
    5. KY-005 Infrared emission sensor module
    6. KY-006 Small passive buzzer module
    7. KY-008 Laser sensor module
    8. KY-009 3-color full-color LED SMD modules
    9. KY-010 Optical broken module
    10. KY-011 2-color LED module
    11. KY-012 Active buzzer module
    12. KY-013 Temperature sensor module
    13. KY-015 Temperature and humidity sensor module
    14. KY-016 3-color LED module
    15. KY-017 Mercury open optical module
    16. KY-018 Photo resistor module
    17. KY-019 5V relay module
    18. KY-020 Tilt switch module
    19. KY-021 Mini magnetic reed modules
    20. KY-022 Infrared sensor receiver module
    21. KY-023 XY-axis joystick module
    22. KY-024 Linear magnetic Hall sensors
    23. KY-025 Reed module
    24. KY-026 Flame sensor module
    25. KY-027 Magic light cup module
    26. KY-028 Temperature sensor module
    27. KY-029 Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM
    28. KY-031 Knock Sensor module
    29. KY-032 Obstacle avoidance sensor module
    30. KY-033 Hunt sensor module
    31. KY-034 Automatic flashing colorful LED module
    32. KY-035 Class Bihor magnetic sensor
    33. KY-036 Metal touch sensor module
    34. KY-037 Sensitive microphone sensor module
    35. KY-038 Microphone sound sensor module
    36. KY-039 Detect the heartbeat module
    37. KY-040 Rotary encoder module


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