L298N Dual H Bridge DC Motor Controller/Driver

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  • Chip: L298N 
  • Logic voltage: 5V 
  • Logic current 0mA-36mA 
  • Storage Temperature: -20 ℃ to ℃ to +135 
  • Operating mode: H-bridge driver (dual) 
  • Drive voltage: 5V-35V 
  • Drive current: 2A (MAX single bridge) 
  • Maximum power: 25W 

Dual-channel H-bridge driver working mode creates higher working efficiency, L298N as main chip, ST corporation production. Can drive one 2-phase stepper motor, one 4-phase stepper motor or two DC motors. To avoid damage the voltage stabilizing chip, please use an external 5V logic supply when using more than 12V driving voltage. Use large-capacity filter capacitors and diode with freewheeling protection function, increasing reliability. High working power to 46v, a large current can reach 3A MAX and continue current is 2A, a power to 25w. Large capacity filter capacitance, after flow protection diode, more stable and reliable.(h)L29


  • Specifications:

  1. Chip: L298N 
  2. Logic voltage: 5V 
  3. Logic current 0mA-36mA 
  4. Storage Temperature: -20 ℃ to ℃ to +135 
  5. Operating mode: H-bridge driver (dual) 
  6. Drive voltage: 5V-35V 
  7. Drive current: 2A (MAX single bridge) 
  8. Maximum power: 25W 
  9. Current Sense for each motor
  10. Heatsink for better performance
  11. Power-On LED indicator


H-bridges are typically used in controlling motors speed and direction but can be used for other projects such as driving the brightness of certain lighting projects such as high powered LED arrays.


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